"What Would You Do in the Next 90 Days to Become a Working IA Once Again?

I asked 3 Industry Leaders "What They Would Do?" Get Their Roadmaps and Plans for FREE by Clicking Below.
(also includes IA Paths 3 PROVEN Plans to Becoming an IA in 90 Days for a total of 6 Plans!)

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Hey IA,
Have you ever thought...
This whole independent adjuster thing is made up…?
You see people online talking about making six figues a year... getting deployed to hurricanes... closing claims.
And it seems awesome but you wonder,
"I'm brand new, how am I going to get started with no adjuster licenses, no contacts, no companies I'm working for, and no training... Is it possible for me to be able to travel the country and have a great new career?"

My name is Chris Stanley, and I'm the founder of IA Path...
My company helps new IA's get started FAST with proven plans in 90 days or less... I personally mentor the auto & catastrophic students and tons of my students go on to start working claims in 90 days or FASTER!

But I didn't want to just give a plan for auto, I wanted to help people learn how to break into property, but I wasn't sure how. I've never worked property, so I couldn't present a plan that would get you started in 90 Days... because I had never done it.

So I went and found 3 experts of the independent property adjusting industry and I asked them one question....

"If you lost everything, licenses, training, contacts, rosters, money... everything. And had to start over again, what would you do over the next 90 days to get yourself back to being a working property IA?"

That is THE question that you you are likely wanting to ask and they are going to give us their answers.... Lets meet the experts that will guide you through their 90 Day Roadmaps so you can get started FAST! Also if you are more interested in auto claims I send you IA Path's own 90 Day Plan that we put our students on for daily auto and catastrophic claims.

Your Guide,
Chris Stanley

Meet the Experts

Mathew Allen
Founder of AdjusterTV, 20+ Year IA - Earned over $2 million as a cat property IA
-Mathew Allen
Kagan Blackburn
Co-Author of the Networking Adjuster's Playbook - 6 Figure IA at 22 Years old
Kagan Blackburn
Jason Heenan
Host of AdjusterTalk - Owner of Royal Adjusting
-Jason Heenan
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